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A cubicle cartoon and a mordant mock memo

A cubicle cartoon and a mordant mock memo
By Eric Black

From the Dark Humor in an Age of Downsizing Dept., a short humorous piece in the new New Yorker reminded me of another cartoon from years ago. I had it up on my cubicle wall at the Strib for years. Can’t lay hands on it now, because I no longer work in that cubicle, nor any other cubicle except such as the mind creates. But I can quote it fairly accurately from memory (with apologies in advance that I cannot credit the original author/artist).

It showed a Dilbertish looking man sitting at his cubicle and the boss has stopped to say:

“As of the end of business today, your services will no longer be needed. Until then, keep up the excellent work.”

Now then. As I say, memories of that lost wall art was evoked by this short, funny, depressing satire, titled “Memo From the C.E.O.,” by Patricia Marx in the current New Yorker.

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