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TV ad seeks to pressure Pawlenty to sign the certificate

As announced yesterday, three pro-Dem groups released a 30-second TV spot this morning seeking to pressure Gov. Tim Pawlenty to sign an election certificate if the state Supremes rule that Al Franken won the Senate election. The ad frames the question as whether Pawlenty will listen to Minnesotans, whom polling suggests want him to sign, versus national Republicans, who want delay, and say that Pawlenty has to choose between “the best interests of Minnesota” andand “his own national amibitions.”

The three groups are Americans United for Change, Alliance for a Better Minnesota and the MN AFL-CIO. Here’s the ad: What think?


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  1. Submitted by Eric Henly on 04/30/2009 - 02:07 pm.

    Although I have been a fervent Franken supporter, I have been reluctantly OK with all of the challenges so for, especially if they help validate Franken’s win and keep the GOP from claiming that Franken somehow “stole” the election.

    Should the MN Supreme Court rule in Franken’s favor, then it really is time for Coleman to hang it up, and he should get increased pressure from Minnesotans to call it quits. In that respect, this ad seems premature and it should have only been launched if and when Pawlenty shows that he will not sign an election certificate, especially if the court explcitly instructs him to do so.

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