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Coleman’s reply brief as seen by Rick Hasen

Shortly after the brief came out Friday, Loyola Law Prof. Rick Hasen put his first reaction up on his election Law Blog. It’s a technical read, hard on non-lawyers, but doesn’t seem to move Hasen’s needle much on Coleman’s chances. Hasen has said for some time that Coleman has an uphill battle but his constitutional arguments need to be taken seriously.

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  1. Submitted by Richard E Massey on 05/18/2009 - 08:26 pm.

    Coleman’s Reply Brief seems to have been written by a washed-up Playwright whose best idea to convey the sympathy he needs from the audience in the final scene, places a heartbroken young girl sprawled-out on the floor under the only bed in the Intensive Care Unit, with the plug-in to the Life Support System in her trembling hand, trying desperately to focus through her tears, to plug back-in the Respirator which the Trial Court had ordered removed, after three Cardiac Specialists unanimously declared her mother dead, three weeks ago! Just plug the old girl back-in, zap her 4,400 more times with the Paddles and life will return to normal and they’ll all live happily ever-after.

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