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For sure now, Tarryl Clark running for the Bachmann seat (and she’ll abide by the endorsement)

Tarryl Clark has posted on her website a clear statement that she is seeking the DFL endorsement for Congress from the 6th District (the seat now held by Republican two-term incumbent Michele Bachmann) and that she will abide by the DFL endorsement process.

Here’s the website containing her why-I’m-running statement and here’s a video announcement:


“We need a representative who can deliver more than just a soundbite.  Rep. Bachmann’s biggest accomplishments are creating controversy and generating talk show ratings, instead of getting positive results for the  people of the Sixth District.”

Clark, of St. Cloud, is the assistant leader of the DFL caucus of the state Senate. Former state Transportation Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg, who ran for the seat in the previous two cycles, and Dr. Maureen Reed, who was the Independence Party nominee for lieutenant governor in 2006, are also seeking the Dem. endorsement but neither of them has committed to abide by the endorsement process (meaning they have reserved the option of running in a primary, should they lose the endorsement). Clark made this classic, no-wiggle-room statement: 

“As in all of my campaigns, I will seek and abide by the DFL endorsement.”

I reported two weeks ago that Clark, who had been mentioned as a possible candidate for governor, would run for Congress instead. Now it’s official.

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