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A non-confirmation confirmation from Norm Coleman

A non-confirmation confirmation from Norm Coleman
By Eric Black

Earlier today I reported that former Sen. Norm Coleman’s next job would become the head of a new think tank or advocacy group that would work to redefine the Republican brand around the issue of limited government (or at least that he had told DAve Durenberger that something like this was the plan.

I was unable to get a response from Coleman to this report until later in the day. That response, forwarded by email via his assistant, says:

“I’m involved in a number of discussions involving an organization that would address the economic and security challenges facing America today through principles of self reliance, entrepreneurship, lower taxes, free trade, innovation, environmental conservation, strong defense and limited government. Those conversations have not yet been finalized.”

There are several concepts in there other than limited government although, as Durenberger’s original report suggested, there is a notable lack of social conservatism on the list. And, of course, Coleman says that the deal has “not yet been finalized.”

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I would call that sort of a non-confirmation confirmation.