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Rachel Paulose still drawing a U.S. Govt. paycheck

Rachel Paulose still drawing a U.S. Govt. paycheck
By Eric Black

Rachel Paulose, whose brief, stormy tenure as U.S. attorney for Minnesota ended in late 2007, is still working for the U.S. government, now with the Miami office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This news comes via the excellent Joe Palazzolo of Main Justice, which bird-dogs the Department of Justice.

Palazzolo has not been able to get Paulose to return a call, nor to learn how long she has held the job nor how she got it. (This is not too surprising to your humble ink-stained wretch, since I wrote extensively about her Minnesota U.S. Attorney tenure and never got her to return a call. She left Minnesota for a job at Main Justice during 2008, although my calls to Washington to ascertain what she was doing for DOJ were likewise unreturned.)

But Paulose is the lead trial attorney for the Miami SEC and has been making court appearances and filing papers, Palazzolo reports.

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For those who didn’t follow the afore-mentioned stormy tenure, Paulose was appointed U.S. attorney by the Alberto Gonzales administration that was famously pushing “loyal Bushies” in these jobs as top federal law endorcement officers. Paulose alienated her staff and ended up under investigation for sloppy handling of national security documents and for alleged acts of discrimination. The federal Office of Special Counsel did ultimately conclude that Paulose had engaged in improper acts of retaliation against her top deputy.