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Taegan Goddards’s excellent “Political Wire” has a nice feature called the quote of the day. Today’s entry comes from an interview that disgraced philandering S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford gave to a local S.C. paper. Said Sanford, who is under pressure to resign his office:

“I think if anything is off the table, it’s that I’m not running for president. It’s 100 percent believable now.”

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  1. Submitted by Joe Johnson on 09/23/2009 - 01:37 pm.

    When will we see a quote of the day from the disgraced philandering ex Vice Presidential Candidate? Maybe something along the line of it’s not my child or no funds from my campaign were used improperly. Stories that make the cover of the Times will usually more Minnpost copy pasting.

  2. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 09/23/2009 - 03:04 pm.

    Because Edwards (a Presidential candidate, not VP) hasn’t said anything quite as outrageous.
    Or do you have someone else in mind;
    Palin and Biden were the two most recent Vice Presidential Candidates, so your statement would appear to refer to one of them.

  3. Submitted by John E Iacono on 09/23/2009 - 03:18 pm.

    “How do you know a politician is lying? His/her lips are moving.”

    This quote, at least, is a step in the right direction.

  4. Submitted by Joe Johnson on 09/23/2009 - 03:36 pm.

    Paul – You actually have to win a nomination to be a candidate? So Presidential Candidate would be incorrect. My inference was not intended to be that difficult I apologize.

  5. Submitted by Brian Simon on 09/24/2009 - 01:30 pm.

    Paul, Joe is referencing the 2004 Kerry-Edwards ticket. Joe, its certainly fair to bring up Edwards; but there are reasons his infraction is aggregious in a different way. Sanford’s infraction was 1) more recent; 2) while he was serving in office and, most importantly 3) he went AWOL to Argentina after telling his staff he was walking in th woods, while on the clock as Governor of South Carolina. To me as a voter, if my governor pulled that move I’d be far more ticked off at the dereliction of duty than some hanky-panky on the side.

  6. Submitted by Joe Johnson on 09/24/2009 - 03:57 pm.


    He was on the clock and his actions are stupid, but from my understanding he was not doing anything wrong from a employment perspective. Edwards on the other hand is looking at jail for using campaign funds to pay mistress. So is using vacation and lying about your location wrong, most definitely, but is it a felony, no.

  7. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 09/24/2009 - 06:35 pm.

    I thought that he was, but Edwards was more recently chasing the Presidential nomination.
    Mostly, he hasn’t made any newsworthy statements recently while Sanford has; Edwards has had the sense to realize that his political career is over.
    And I think that Sanford had misused State funds (which unlike campaign funds are public money). I believe that misuse of campaign funds would more likely be a civil offense, particularly since Edwards’ mistress was working for his campaign, so the offense is gray even if she was blond.
    I don’t think there’s a serious chance of jail.

  8. Submitted by Mark Gisleson on 09/24/2009 - 07:11 pm.

    Joe, I was a supporter of John Edwards. I saw him speak in a very crowded room at the 2007 Yearly Kos convention in Chicago, and had his bumper sticker on my car for well over two years (no, I didn’t take it off when he conceded the nomination fight).

    Would it make you feel better to know that I feel bitterly betrayed? That I wouldn’t give Edwards the time of day now after apologizing for him repeatedly as I processed his hypocritical ways?

    Would it help if I rent my garments and gnashed my teeth? That’s about the only thing I haven’t done. I’ve processed my grief over being betrayed by a politician yet again and now I feel better for having done so.

    I suggest you work through your Sanford issues rather than continue to annoy others with your inability to get past the “denial” stage of the grieving process. Once you’ve done that you might be able to better deal with your true feelings regarding other adulterous/philandering Republicans like Larry Craig, David Vitter, Bob Barr, Gary Bauer, John Ensign, Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Rudy Giuliani, Dick Armey, Robert Bauman, John Bolton, Dan Burton, John McCain, Mark Foley, Jon Grunseth, Jack Ryan, John Schmitz, Bill Thomas, J.C. Watts, et al.

  9. Submitted by Joe Johnson on 09/25/2009 - 08:45 am.

    No news here….

    Mark – Nice list but two words Bill Clinton, King philanderer.

  10. Submitted by Mark Gisleson on 09/25/2009 - 01:21 pm.

    Joe, do you really want to hear my screed about having my nose rubbed in a guy I never liked for 17 years? SEVENTEEN YEARS?

    I’m not a puppy who needs to be potty trained. My point is that lectures on morality are not tit for tat, each cheese stands alone. Do not feel obligated to pair each and every cheesy indiscretion with an outrage of your own vintage.

    Edwards is out, end of Edwards. He’s not doing talk shows, he’s not on the radio, he’s not writing op-eds. Sanford’s still in, Sanford still spins his version, Sanford’s still a story. Why do you find this concept so slippery?

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