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(Many) more DFL big guns for Tarryl Clark

DFL elected officials -- including now Sen. Al Franken -- continue to flock to the campaign of state Sen. Tarryl Clark, who hopes to take on U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann in the fall, but who still faces Dr. Maureen Reed for the DFL endorsement and, potentially, in a DFL primary.

An invitation to a Minneapolis house-party fund-raiser for Clark next month lists the following members of the "honorary host committee" for the event:

U.S. Sen. Al Franken, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, Minnesota Sen. Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher,  state Sen. Scott Dibble of Mpls, state Rep. Frank Hornstein of Mpls.

It's easy to dismiss the importance/surprisingness of some of the names (Clark is assistant Senate DFL leader and Pogemiller is leader, for example) but sitting U.S. senators don't always get involved at this stage of intraparty contests and folks like MAK and Rybak who are running for governor don't need to risk annoying anyone by taking sides.

It goes without saying how much DFLers, and even the national Dem donor base, would love to make a serious run at Bachmann's seat next year.

Reed has been coy about whether she will abide by the endorsement, although recently she has been more clearly leaving herself the option of running in a primary. The fact is that the party big cigars are getting behind Clark, as the labor unions already have. It's hard to see any opening for Reed in the endorsement contest.

p.s. Three of Minnesota's five incumbent congressmen, Keith Ellison, Jim Oberstar and Collin Peterson, have contributed to the Clark campaign via their own campaign funds.

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Comments (6)

Ms. Bachmann is such an embarassment that Clark might get the endorsement of some of the reality based republicans....Pawlenty-Palin...not so much!

To win in the sixth congressional districts, Democrats must reach across party lines and appeal to the moderates and Republicans who supported Bachmann last time. Given her independence from the DFL party apparatus, Maureen Reed is the better candidate to attract those voters -- much stronger than longtime DFL insider Clark.

Reed is Bachmann's only hope -- a wishy-washy conservative DINO won't provide a clear cut choice
She'd attract some disaffected GOPers, but won't get a good DFL turnout.
Clark will win if she gets a strong DFL turnout while turned off GOPers stay home.

State Sen. Clark's alliances with Sen.Franken, Congressman Ellison, unions and other far left liberals would be beneficial in the 5th district but this is the 6th. I feel the more of these endorsements she gets the better the chances are for Dr Reed and other candidates.

Bob, what union are you talking about that qualifies as far-left liberal? As far as I know, the IWW doesn't endorse DFL candidates. Also, this seems indicative in general or the attempts to move the parameters of political debate and definition in this state. Far-left, in political science, generally means communist or very statist socialist. And as much as some conservatives try to label Democrats as such, they are far from meeting the definition. Of course, similar attempts from the left don't help matters.

Matthew, I was not talking about any particular union being far-left liberal. I was referring to Sen.Franken, Congressman Ellison and others. I just don't think all the union endorsements Sen.Clark has received are an asset in this district. I am only stating my personal opinion. The card check legislation unions are pushing for does not resonate well in the 6th district. I use the term far-left liberal for what others may call progressives. I also think there are far-right conservatives which I would classify Congresswoman Bachmann. I am not trying to move any political parameters it is just a fact that the 6th district is the most conservative district in the state. Thanks for your response.