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Olympia Snowe will vote yes

Olympia Snowe will vote yes
By Eric Black

Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, the only Republican on the Finance Committee who was even considering voting for the health care bill, announced a few minutes ago that she will indeed, reluctantly, vote for the version now moving through that committee because “when history calls, history calls.”

It is a pitiful crumb of bipartisanship, and doesn’t affect the outcome of the committee vote, only the score. It might be more important later on a cloture vote, but that depends on many factors still to come. I hope Dems will not take this as an excuse to start calling the bill “bipartisan.”

Here’s the NYTimes coverage of the morning’s committee action.

MID-AFTERNOON UPDATE: The bill has now passed out of the committee, 14-9, with all committee Dems, plus Sen. Snowe, voting aye. All Repubs, minus, Snowe: Nay. More.

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