Brian Sullivan will not run for Guv

Republican Brian Sullivan, recent subject of rumors that he was reconsidering his decision not to run for governor, is reconfirming that he will NOT run.

Here’s Sullivan’s statement:

“In June, I announced that I would not run for governor in 2010. However, in the following months, I received many requests from Republican activists to reconsider that decision.  As a result, two weeks ago I asked some friends to sound out the opinions of party leaders about the possibility of my candidacy and to understand the challenges of a late entry into the race.  Though I received much gratifying encouragement to run, I concluded that my business obligations would prevent me from dedicating the time needed to run an effective campaign.  Accordingly, I will not reconsider my previous decision, and I will not be a candidate for governor next year.

I am optimistic about Republican prospects to keep the governorship, and I look forward to supporting the party’s endorsed candidate.”

Personally, I always viewed Sullivan’s surprising decision last June not to run as one of the biggest developments in the up-shaping race. 2012 seemed to be the best shot he would ever have and he would have been the front-runner for GOP endorsement on the day he announced. Sullivan, a wealthy businessman who could have put his own money into the race, is currently the  Republican National Committeeman from Minnesota. He is a solid conservative whose only previous bid for office was 2002, when he gave Tim Pawlenty a very strong challenge for endorsement.

One of the most common observations/analyses/prognostications in recent weeks about the GOP field is that the eventual nominee is not in the race yet. Many who felt that way were thinking that Sullivan, Norm Coleman, Steve Sviggum or maybe Charlie Weaver or Jim Ramstad would still get in. And one of them may. But it won’t be Sullivan. He’s announced it twice now. The declared GOP candidates are heaving a collective sigh of relief.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by dan buechler on 11/09/2009 - 02:00 pm.

    I personally don’t think Sullivan has the likability factor to be elected but I could be wrong. What do some of our conservative readers think?

  2. Submitted by Garrett Peterson on 11/09/2009 - 05:08 pm.

    Dan, I agree, I never thought he was super-likable, but he is wealthy, has connections and is familiar to many of the state Republican leaders.

    I don’t know that his lack of likability would have hurt him in this field of GOP candidates which is generally lacking in likability.

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