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Sen. Ralph Nader?

Sen. Ralph Nader?
By Eric Black

This has apparently been public for a while, but I stumbled on it only yesterday. Did you know that Ralph Nader was thinking of getting into the 2010 Connecticut Senate race, where incumbent Dem Christopher Dodd is in deep, serious, perhaps fatal trouble.

I got the news from this interview Nader gave to the college newspaper at his alma mater, Princeton. Nader, who has run for president the last four cycles, said it was too soon to decide about 2012. Nader is 75.

I’ve never been drawn to Nader-bashing over his 2000 run. But this Senate bid strikes me as a bad idea.

Dodd, by the way, is in such bad shape against his likely Repub opponents that he’s under pressure to drop out and make way for a Dem who might have a better chance. He’s been in the Congress since 1975 and the Senate since 1980. Despite being just 65, he’s already the longest-serving senator in Connecticut history.