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Beau Biden won’t run for his father’s Senate seat

Beau Biden won’t run for his father’s Senate seat
by Eric Black

Vice Pres. Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden, the current attorney general of Delaware, has announced that he will run for re-election rather than seek his father’s former Senate seat. This creates another likely Repub pickup in the 2010 lineup and will add to the feeling that the sky is falling on the Dems.

Beau Biden made the announcement in an email to supporters. MSNBC’s “First Read” has the details.

Delaware has been a solid blue state and Beau Biden has been popular. When Joe Biden resigned his seat to become veep, long-time Biden aide Ted Kaufman was appointed on a caretaker basis and he has always said he would not seek a full term in his own name. A year ago, Beau was rated the strong favorite unless Congressman Mike Castle, a former governor and the most popular Repub in the state decided to challenge Biden (depsite Castle being 70, an advanced age at which to start a Senate career).

Well Castle decided to go for it and polls suggested he had an excellent chance even before the political seemed to turn red the last month or two. Now Biden says he won’t go for it (he says his “duty” is to finish the work against child predators that he started as attorney general). Kaufman immediately reaffirmed that he won’t seek a full term.

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The various raters will soon list this one as the second currently Dem-held seats (after South Dakota) that is a likely Repub pickup.