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EMILY's List endorses Tarryl Clark in race against Bachmann

It's not exactly a big surprise, but making EMILY's List can be a significant fund-raising asset.

EMILY’s List calls itself the nation’s largest financial resource for women candidates, and I don't think that's much in dispute. In the 2007-2008 cycle, EMILY’s List raised more than $43 million. It concentrates on pro-choice female Democratic candidates. State Sen. Tarryl Clark of St. Cloud qualifies on all scores and has also apparently impressed EMILY's List with her electability story and her early fund-raising.

There is, as yet, no public polling to suggest that U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann is vulnerable in 2010, but if there's any whiff of that, national money will pour into Clark's campaign. EMILY's List doesn't lend its imprimatur to all pro-choice women candidates and the endorsement indicates that they take Clark's chances seriously.

In the press release announcing the endorsement, EMILY's List President Ellen Malcolm called Clark (who is also assistant majority leader of the state Senate) “a proven vote getter in what is traditionally rough territory for Democrats,” and asserted that  “her candidacy puts this district in play and gives Democrats the best shot at picking up this swing-seat in November.”

The Sixth Congressional District arcs north over the Twin Cities metro from the Wisconsin border on the east to Stearns County on the west.

There's no mention in the press release of Bachmann, nor of Dr. Maureen Reed, who is also seeking the DFL nomination. Clark has all but locked up the DFL endorsement but Reed has signaled that she will challenge Clark in a primary.

In case you're wondering, EMILY's List is not named after an Emily but is an acronym for "Early Money Is Like Yeast," which is often followed by the line: "it helps the dough rise."

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Comments (3)

Ah, well...

Considering the funding from sources outside the state that Bachmann is likely to get, Clark will need it to mount a challenge.

If she does run, I expect this will at least get her out of the state legislature, where she has more negative effect on my life.

I'm not so sure that the voters in the sixth will be too impressed with Emily's list and the causes that they support. The funding might help Clark's bottom line, but it's Bachmann by +10%.

If the voters of the 6th Congressional District are, at long last, finally as fed up as the rest of us with elected representatives (and other public figures) who prioritize fame and attention over public problem solving, Clark might present a surprisingly interesting challenge to someone like Congresswoman Bachmann, given her award-winning performances that earned her CNN's Wing-Nut of the Year award for 2009 based on her "sheer tonnage of wingnuttery":