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TakeActionMinnesota endorses Rybak, Thissen, Anderson Kelliher and almost Marty

TakeActionMinnesota endorses Rybak, Thissen, Anderson Keillier and almost Marty
By Eric Black

At the end of an extensive screening process and an unusual voting process among its members, TakeAction Minnesota has endorsed three DFLers for governor — Mpls. Mayor R.T. Rybak, state Rep. Paul Thissen of Mpls. and House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, also of Mpls.

After allowing each member of the organization to vote for up to three choices, and having announced that there would be three winners, TakeAction also released the result of the vote, which suggested that Rybak actually finisihed first by a substantial margin, and that state Sen. John Marty of Roseville, who finished fourth, was almost rounding error away from third place. Here are the vote totals:

  • Rybak                          336 votes
  • Thissen                        264 votes
  • Anderson Kelliher          261 votes
  • Marty                           250 votes
  • Former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton: 138 votes
  • Former state Rep. Matt Entenza: 105 votes
  • Former state Rep. Steve Kelley of Hopkins:104 votes
  • State Rep. Tom Rukavina of Virginia: 92 votes
  • State Senate Tax Chair Tom Bakk of Cook: 48 votes
  • Ramsey County Attorney Sudan Gaertner: 46 votes

You see what I mean. Based on the pure numbers, Rybak gained a solid win, and Thissen, Anderson Kelliher and Marty virtually tied for the next spot. But TakeAction set up the process to produce three co-equal winners and will now encourage members to caucus for and otherwise support the top three.

Entenza and Dayton, both of whom participated in the screening and both of whom are usually rated as top tier contenders for the endorsement, would have to be rated as the losers.

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Not that this is necessarily a giant endorsement. TakeAction a liberal group, with Twin Cities origins and ties to many labor organizations. But I give them credit for holding a very open process and being transparent about their results, even though the numbers are slightly awkward for the idea of three winners.

Here’s the full writeup on the TakeAction site.