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Another unallotment brief, this one from the cities

Another unallotment brief, this one from the cities
By Eric Black

For the truly unallotment obsessed, another anti-unallotment brief has landed. This one is sponsored by the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, plus the League of Minnesota Cities and two other coalitions of cities. I haven’t read it yet, so my purpose for the moment is only to make it available to those who want to read it for themselves. Here.

I’ll get back to you with a summary pretty soon. For now, just note that the cities have a big interest in the 2009 unallotment because a lot of the money came out of aid to cities and other local governments. They could have sued to try to have the unallotment overturned, but instead had chosen to file a brief on behalf of the plaintiffs who did file, namely the beneficiaries of that dietary aid program.