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Humble ink-stained wretchedness on the radio Saturday a.m.

Humble ink-stained wretchedness on the radio Saturday a.m.
By Eric Black

Your humble and obedient ink-stained wretch will discuss Taking Tentherism Seriously on rightie radio station KTLK FM-100.3 at 9 a.m. Saturday. I think the segment is about a half hour, although by the time they put in commercials, who knows.

This is the station, sometimes called K-Talk, that stars Jason Lewis. But I’ll be on with a host named Chris Baker. It’s pre-recorded so there won’t be call-in questions or comments.

By the way, Baker warned me that some of those who are small-government, 10th Amendment advocates may object to the terms “tenther” and “tentherism.” He seemed to think I had made it up and that it was a put-down. I didn’t make it up and I don’t mean it as a put-down. After all, I’m trying to take it seriously. And I would seriously love to engage on the topic with serious Tenthers who can answer some of my questions about what happens if we all take it seriously.