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Bachmann, Clark trade press releases about new ad

Bachmann, Clark trade press releases about new ad
By Eric Black

As I mentioned in the post just below, both the Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark campaigns were promising more data about the Bachmann TV ad just unveiled. In Bachmann’s case, it’s mostly documentation of the claim in the ad that Clark has voted for higher taxes every year she was in the Legislature.

In the rebuttal, Clark Campaign Manager Zach Rodvold doesn’t dispute the votes, but launches a many-faceted counterargument that Clark has been the more fiscally responsible of the two and that Clark also cast several votes to lower taxes. (Rodvold also tries to ding Bachmann for “name-calling,” which is perhaps a reference to Bachmann’s effort to nickname her opponent “Taxin’ Tarryl.” But certainly Clark has made many unflattering references to Bachmann and her record.)

This, of course, is in some sense a recapitulation of most of the overall argument between the two campaigns, but nothing much new is being asserted. If you’d like to read the two press releases, here’s Bachmann’s and here’s Clark’s.