Ink-stained wretchedness on the tube tonight

As David Brauer mentioned yesterday, the Twin Cities Fox affiliate, Channel 9, has started a daily half-hour program devoted to politics that will run through Election Day. Each day includes an interview segment with a guest analyst and, owing to a temporary lapse of judgment, they have asked me to be part of their panel of rotating guests. I debut tonight.

The show runs from 6-6:30 and I gather I will be for several minutes during the first half. As I prepare to spend the day worrying about wardrobe, coiffure and what to say if the anchors are foolish enough to ask me about tentherism, I’m reminded of Stephen Hess’ Number One Law of the Media, which Brookings scholar Hess shared with me years ago during an interview. It goes:

“No one notices what you say on television or what you wear on the radio.”

Anyway, the Twins have an off-day (by the way, congrats to the lads on clinching), so feel free to tune in and cheer me on.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 09/23/2010 - 10:52 am.

    A Fox affiliate featuring greater diversity of political opinion than MinnPost?

    Has to be some kind of trick.

  2. Submitted by Sharon Anderson on 09/23/2010 - 11:00 am.

    Eric with great admiration if anyone knows he constitution your It

  3. Submitted by Glenn Mesaros on 09/23/2010 - 11:57 am.

    What are you going to say if they ask you why NO Democrat running for election this year is sponsoring an ad promoting Obamacare, yet they all support Medicare? Might it be that Obamacare was designed to bail out the insurance companies in the same manner as the banks? Obama does not have an evil Twin, he IS the Evil Twin.

  4. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 09/23/2010 - 03:47 pm.

    Mr. Mesaros: The health care reform act passed this year WILL cost too much and will contain no means of ending the annual increases in the prices of insurance and drugs. It was, however, the only kind of plan that seemed possible to get through the 2010 Congress.

    It does, however, do more to protect us consumers than anything except a Medicare-for-All plan (HR-676, $400 billion saved per year) would do by ending the worst abuses carried out by the insurance industry on its customers.

    We can go beyond the improvement provided by the new federal plan by enacting the Minnesota Health Plan (SF118/HF135) developed by Minnesota Senator John Marty. It has passed three committees and has 74 co-sponsors in the legislature, but will have to start over in 2011 because the makeup of the legislature will have changed.

    In addition to saving millions of dollars a year, the Plan would cover absolutely all of us for whatever we and our doctors recognize as a true medical need, including long-term and in-home care, eyeglasses, hearing aids, mental and dental health and medications.

    We could all have the peace of mind to come from knowing that no governor or legislature or a lost job or homelessness or anything else can lead to our losing access to ongoing preventive and curative care from a doctor of our choice.

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