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Ink-stained wretchedness on the tube tonight

Ink-stained wretchedness on the tube tonight
By Eric Black

As David Brauer mentioned yesterday, the Twin Cities Fox affiliate, Channel 9, has started a daily half-hour program devoted to politics that will run through Election Day. Each day includes an interview segment with a guest analyst and, owing to a temporary lapse of judgment, they have asked me to be part of their panel of rotating guests. I debut tonight.

The show runs from 6-6:30 and I gather I will be for several minutes during the first half. As I prepare to spend the day worrying about wardrobe, coiffure and what to say if the anchors are foolish enough to ask me about tentherism, I’m reminded of Stephen Hess’ Number One Law of the Media, which Brookings scholar Hess shared with me years ago during an interview. It goes:

“No one notices what you say on television or what you wear on the radio.”

Anyway, the Twins have an off-day (by the way, congrats to the lads on clinching), so feel free to tune in and cheer me on.