A lesson in objectivity for headline writers

Fresh from a smashing victory in the midterms for their Republican allies and for their anti-government arguments, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is preparing to lobby for major rollbacks in federal regulations on the argument, as you might expect, that excessive regulation is holding back economic growth.

My buddy Tom Hamburger of the L.A. Times has the story in today’s editions, and it’s a solid piece that lays out the agenda and the arguments. In the L.A. Times, it ran under the headline “Chamber to unveil pro-business lobbying effort.”

The lefty aggregator site Truthout, which sends out a daily email of news stories it thinks you should not miss, included the Hamburger piece in its roundup. The other stories to which Truthout linked were advertised with their original headlines. But Truthout’s editors couldn’t abide the Times headline writer’s bland, neutral-sounding description of the regulatory chances the Chamber will be seeking. So, on Truthout the story is headlined: “US Chamber of Commerce on a Ruinous Rampage.”

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  1. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 11/17/2010 - 08:22 am.

    Why not one headline-for-two?

    “Chamber’s new agenda attacks regulations hampering economic recovery”

    Put a comma or semicolon after “regulations,”… and Truthout could use it too and they wouldn’t need to use the worn-out ‘alliteration’ technique?

    footnote: In the bland fifties, headline writer in one prairie high school carelessly or intentionally changed the spirit of a good-sportsmanship editorial by merely changing the verb “are” to “is” …

    “Boos are/is bad for basketball boys”
    …almost caused a trip to the principal’s office for one creative student in those oh-so bland times.

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