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CBS poll: Most oppose Republican tax cut plan

CBS poll: Most oppose Repub tax cut plan
By Eric Black (but really just passing along a poll result that follows up on yesterday’s post)

A CBS poll gave respondents three options for what to do about the expiring Bush tax cuts: Extend them for everyone (the Repub position), extend them for everyone who makes less than $250,000 a year (the Dem position), let them expire for everyone (the deficit hawk position that neither party has the nerve to talk about but which is what would happen if a congressional stalemate prevents any action, since the Bush cuts are scheduled to expire automatically on Jan. 1).

The poll came out:

  • Repub position: 26%
  • Dem position: 53%
  • Let them all expire: 14%
  • Don’t know: 7%.

The Repub position did not win a majority of support, even from Republicans. Republican respondents were divided just 46-41 in favor of the position of their congressional leadership. The Dem position beat the Repub position among independents by 47-25 percent.

It’s just one stupid poll, of course, and must be taken with appropriate pinches of salt. But I repeat my question of yesterday. Why must the Dems cave?