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Pres. Obama explains why he did it

Pres. Obama explains why he did it
By Eric Black

If you are still struggling (as I am) to decide how you feel about Pres. Obama’s decision to strike the big horse-trade with the Repubs and tax cuts, unemployment benefits and a player to be named later, and if you haven’t heard enough directly from him about why he did it, take four minutes and let him directly explain, in the video below, made explicitly for his supporters (and wavering supporters) and distributed by one of his political arms, Organizing for America.

“I have no doubt that everyone will be able to find something in this compromise that they don’t like,” Obama acknowledges, and he explicitly address “the argument that we should have fought on,” rather than strike this deal, and see if the country would rally against the Republican position. His final choice:

“I’m not gonna make the American people collateral damage to political infighting in Washington. I’m not gonna play games with the lives of the American people.”


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