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Possible Prez Pack shrinks by one Pence

Possible Prez Pack shrinks by one Pence
By Eric Black

Fox, CNN and the Indianapolis Star are all reporting that Mike Pence will soon publicly confirm that he is not gonna run for president in 2012. The way he framed the news, in a letter to supporters, strongly implied that he will run for governor of Indiana (which has been the stronger rumor anyway, over recent days).

Also in the Repub prez field rumor category, another buzzing rumor is that Mitt Romney is contemplating skipping Iowa (where he did terribly in 2008) and make his stand in New Hampshire (where he lost to McCain in 2008 but is believed to be well ahead of the current field, if there is any such thing as being ahead in a field of no announced candidates.)

My gut feeling is that if Romney does skip Iowa, Tim Pawlenty (on the slight chance that he decides to run) could be one of the beneficiaries. Depending on how the field shakes out, TPaw might be second to Romney as candidates who appeal to Chamber of Commerce type Repubs. Moreso than some other candidates, TPaw needs to do very well in Iowa, both because he will start the race less well-known and because he will be subjected to elevated expectations by pundits who apply the (silly, to me) neighboring-state-governor standard.

And lastly, since I mentioned Indianapolis in the first paragraph, a small personal aside. My last post before I moved here in 1977, was in Little Rock, Ark. I remember telling one little old Arkansas lady that I would soon be moving to Minneapolis. She replied: “Really. The one in Minnesota or the one in Indiana?”