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Pawlenty stands with Gov. Walker of Wisconsin

Unsurprisingly, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has decided to stand publicly with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in his battle with the public employee unions and with Democrats in the Wisconsin Legislature. But, this being 2011, he's done it in the form of a highly produced YouTube video:

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Comments (5)

Is Pawlenty moving to Wisconsin?
That would be the best thing he's ever done for Minnesota!

No, he is moving to Washington, D.C.

After his moves to Iowas and New Hampshire.
Whole new meaning to 'carpetbagger'.

Since former Governor Pawlenty refuses to announce that he's running for President unless and until he can be sure he'll actually be the Republican nominee, presumably out of fear that if he announces then doesn't get the nod he'll become a "loser," he seems to be reduced to a series of publicity ploys trying to get attention from the Tea Party wing of the GOP which seems to steadfastly continue to ignore him (Perhaps a red dress and a wig would do the trick?)

In watching his statement in support of Wisconsin's autocrat in chief, I find myself feeling very thankful that we never had the situation where former Governor Pawlenty had a Republican legislature to work with. Clearly he would have been attempting to do what Walker's doing. No doubt Tom Emmer would be doing the same.

Thank God for Mark Dayton.

Thank goodness Pawlenty never had a Republican legislature at his fingertips. His newly released video on Wisconsin is a package of lies and fears. Does this man have a conscience?