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Abso-bloomin’-lutely cool video explains all

Abso-bloomin’-lutely cool video explains all
By Eric Black

Okay. So this video below is abso-bloomin’-lutely brilliant.

It’s an economist describing various explanatory models for what happened to the economy a few years ago that devoured Cleveland (and the rest of the world).

You don’t see the economist but what you do see (I won’t tell you so you can enjoy the surprise for the first while) makes the whole thing bizarrely entertaining (at least until you tire of it, which didn’t happen to me until almost the end and even then I was embarrassed for myself).

They don’t even tell you, but the economist is a guy named David Harvey, a Brit by accent but he teaches at CUNY in New York and directs some strange entity called The Center for Place, Culture and Politics. He’s a Marxist, which he divulges fairly late in the game (but I’m spoiling that surprise so I won’t be accused of sucking you into listening to Marxist propaganda).

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And if you snagged on “abso-bloomin’-lutely” it’s from “Wouldn’t It Be Loverley” which is from “My Fair Lady” (ask your parents). (And by the way, I’ve just discovered that there’s a name for a word like abso-bloomin’-lutely.” It’s called an infix. Like a suffix or a prefix but inside the word. Who knew?)

Oh, and hat tip to my friend Pasquino. Here’s the 11 minute video: