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But we already compromised with ourselves

But we already compromised with ourselves
By Eric Black

Sorry, I missed this on Friday when Sen. Majority Leader Amy Koch actually said it in her weekly press conference, but I heard it on the radio this a.m. and have been scratching my head.

Koch, the leader of the Repub majority in the state Senate, is talking about the future of budget negotiations between her caucus and Gov. Dayton:

“The governor likes to say ‘well I’m on the 20, you’re on the 20 and let’s come to the 50-yard line.  We heard over and over that people were sort of tired of that same old political game of ‘you come in at one end and we come in at the other end and then we kick and scream when we get to the middle.’ We came in at the 50-yard line with our budget proposal.”

It’s one thing, and not necessarily a good thing, to say that your first offer is a take-it-or-leave-it-deal. But it’s an odder and perhaps somewhat alarming thing to say that your first offer is not only a take-it-or-leave-it deal but also represents a compromise because… because… because why?

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I really have no clue how – or whether — Gov. Dayton and the Repub majorities in the legislature get to yes.  I’m pretty sure the secret is not to tell the other party that you don’t have to compromise with them because you already compromised with yourself.

But it’s just words and I sympathize with difficulty of serving a public that both wants their representatives to stand up for their principles but also wants them to make reasonable compromises.