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Clap hands and nod heads at new TPaw video

The Tim Pawlenty campaign is out with another of the series of highly-stylized videos that is becoming one of its trademarks. Like some of the previous, faster-paced and more heart-pounding TPaw videos, this one has a lot of newsreel footage of historical feel-proud-America events.

But the new, calmer video seeks to build on TPaw’s big economy speech of Tuesday ( I take it that most of the clips of Pawlenty speaking come from that event) and on General Electric mogul Jack Welch’s kind words about TPaw in a recent CNN interview (Welch is the raspy-voiced elderly gentleman who pops up in the first 30 seconds saying of TPaw “the guy makes sense).

The themes are familiar, although the video itself is substance-light and best-summarized by TPaw, the self-proclaimed truth-teller, announcing:

“The truth is this: Markets work; and Barack Obama’s central planning doesn’t.”

“Central planning” is a slightly cute choice of phrase, since it invokes the idea that Obama is a socialist without using the hotter and crazier-sounding S-word itself.

But what struck me in the video – and I feel quite sure that this is supposed to be working on the viewer subliminally, kinda like a sitcom laugh-track cues the viewer about how to react to the jokes, is the number of ordinary folks in the video who are nodding their heads as Pawlenty talks or as they are shaking hands with him or otherwise responding to him. I count at least 12 head-nodders and a few extra hand-clappers. In case you are wondering what to do when listening to or thinking about Tim Pawlenty, the video seems to say, you have three choices: rapt attention, nod head in agreement, or clap hands.

Here's the video:

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Comments (12)

"the video seems to say, you have three choices: rapt attention, nod head in agreement, or clap hands."

Kind of like the hula dancer on my co-workers dashboard.

Obama bad. America good.

Option No. 3: Change channels.

Choice #4: Vomit.

I'm kind of surprised that the video editor let the ever-present Pawlenty logo come close to Tim's mouth a couple of times during this video. Are they courting the Log Cabin Republican's subconscious or was this simply a production blunder?

That's funny! Whenever I hear former Gov. Pawlenty speaking, I find myself shaking my head from side to side, and shaking, and shaking, and I find myself wondering what the source of the magical alternate reality he lives in might be.

Actually, the most appropriate reaction that any of can offer to former Gov. Pawlenty is a simple question, "What's WRONG with you?"

And, perhaps, a followup questions: "Why have you spent your entire political career trying to damage or destroy anyone who reminds you of the people you grew up with?"

Can anyone tell me how the video ends? I'm on my 3rd attempt. I keep falling alseep.

I really think the more apt spelling of Pawlenty's nickname is Tea-Paw, which I started using about a year ago.

And, I'll rely on your words about the video. I have no desire (or a strong enough stomach) to watch it.

Pawlenty says our current growth rate under 2% is unacceptable. Then in his economic plan he plucks from air another number he happens to like better: that our economy will grow at a rate of 5% a year for ten years--something that has never, ever happened. Campaign slogan: "If you wish it, it will magically be so. And if wishing doesn't work, then leave a train wreck behind you and go run for another office."

By deserting Minnesota after putting us $6 billion in the hole, he has earned the title of "Governor Quitty-pants" along with Sarah Palin.

He's channeling Saint Reagan. He's doubled down on trickle down economics, something he himself proved doesn't work in his eight-year reign. Now he's going for the "shining city on a hill."

Perhaps what follows is Alzheimers. It's his hero, after all.

T-Paw has turned his back on his "blue collar roots" in South Saint Paul. He's been drinking the Ayn Rand kool-aid so long he's completely out of touch with the guys & gals who are trying to earn a living with blue collar jobs. I'll agree with his latest comments that he isn't "too nice" to be President. Those of us in MN know he's got sharp elbows and uses them to hurt the economically vulnerable at every chance to cut the meager benefits the State has traditionally offered. He's got a stiletto for a legislative pen and he's not afraid to use it. He's also crafty with language and accounting, creating new euphemisms and accounting shifts better than anyone. He will not be missed in Minnesota.

This video ad is like a satire of the opening scenes from the Colbert Report, except that it's supposed to be serious. I guess we've come full circle. Colbert, BTW, did his own riff on an earlier Pawlenty video, probably by the same film maker: