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Dave Durenberger doesn’t hold back

Dave Durenberger doesn’t hold back
By Eric Black

For his sins of not supporting the Repub ticket (and the lesser apostasies of not supporting various party doctrines), Dave Durenberger has been purt near written out of the party. Even before that event, he had taken to publishing his impressively unvarnished views in commentaries published by his St. Thomas-connected National Institute for Health Policy. But it feels as if the excommunication has freed him up to be even more blunt. The current edition of Commentary from Dave Durenberger, is worth a read in total. Here’s a taste:

“America is in crisis in so many ways these days. The old world order of bi-polar, state-sponsored, ideological warfare went out with the Berlin Wall in 1989 and was replaced by a new world disorder no one has yet been able to define…

In the midst of all that we have a presidential election. Republicans have been doing their best to discredit not only Democrats, but any serious effort by the one President we have to help us understand both the New World Order and the New Economy. Or at least to deal adequately with the detritus of the ‘old order and economy.’
If you want to know what’s wrong with this country watch people who claim the right to lead spend all their time tearing each other down in order to build themselves up.  Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is one and Rick Sanatorum (R-PA) another. Currently these two losers are doing their best to tear down Governors Rick Perry (R-TX) and Mitt Romney (R-MA).  Thank God our governor withdrew after the idiotic Iowa Fair poll.
Santorum has been on a moralistic rant ever since I’ve known him as a ranting and raving fundamentalist Congressman. He talks about jihadism and acts like he invented it. Bachmann is newer to the scene. While she espouses a different Christian denomination from Santorum, she comes from the same “God sent me to earth to save you from the fallen angels” tradition which has infected politics in America in ways that have helped disable our political institutions.”