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Today's grin: The protest signs of the rich

I just pulled the current New Yorker out of my mailbox and, for your dining and dancing pleasure, I offer a descriptiion of the cover. I can't find a good link and I'm not sure what's behind the New Yorker's subscriber-only wall but you can see a small legible image of it here.

It shows a bunch of classic Monopoly-style top-hatted-and-stripe-pantsed fatcats protesting on Wall Street. And their signs say:

"Keep Things Precisely as They Are"

"I've Got Mine"

"Change Shmange!"

"Leave Well Enough Alone"


"I'm good, thanks"

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Comments (3)

Weren't signs like this actually posted in some Wall Street windows?

And with slogans like that, OWS and the Tea Party may, indeed, have more in common than they’d like to let on.