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An anti-Ellison ad even YouTube won’t carry

An anti-Ellison ad even YouTube won’t carry
By Eric Black

Gary Boisclair, who is running in the DFL primary against U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minneapolis, has created a web ad attacking Ellison’s religion. But the ad is so out of line that YouTube refuses to carry it.

My esteemed colleague Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent has written about how Boisclair’s candidacy is part of an effort by an anti-abortion group to exploit a loophole allowing disturbing anti-abortion ads to be aired by disguising them as campaign ads.

Now the Huffington Post notes the new Boisclair web video, which argues that because Ellison is a Muslim who took his oath of office on a Qur’an (albeit one from the library of Thomas Jefferson), Ellison must believe that Christians should have their hands and feet cut off, be crucified and be killed.

Although YouTube has removed the video,  is still viewable on Boisclair’s own site, with a note warning that the “the cowards and hypocrites at Youtube have already pulled this video down.”