Bachmann’s path to the nomination

Michele Bachmann’s campaign manager, Keith Nahigian, is circulating a video in which he explains how Bachmann will win in Iowa, then South Carolina, then the nomination. Here it is.

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  1. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 12/08/2011 - 07:32 pm.

    Well, here’s what I took away from the video and Bachmann’s very resonable-sounding campaign manager…

    “Teavangelical” – few things are less confidence-inspiring than knee-jerk reactionaries promising a theocratic state when they “reclaim” the country. “Teavangelical” might as well be “American Taliban.”

    National Security Experience – Didn’t Mr. Gingrich – between affairs – get an occasional briefing on national security matters? Mr. Paul? Service on the House Intelligence Committee certainly hasn’t made Mrs. Bachmann particularly knowledgeable about foreign affairs, based on her public statements. John Huntsman actually served in the Department of State. I’d guess he might know a bit more about foreign affairs than Mrs. Bachmann.

    Knows how to cut spending – presumably, this will include the proposal for a massive new freeway-style bridge over the St. Croix at Stillwater.

    Doesn’t flip-flop – Maybe true. I’ve only been here a couple years.

    A “Reagan conservative” – Hmmm. She’s going to raise taxes and take credit for world events over which she had no control or influence. She may also send American troops to invade a harmless Caribbean island.

    Only non-establishment candidate left – can’t help but wonder what establishment Ron Paul represents.

    Will shred the Obama agenda that’s hurting the country – I guess this means the health plan that hasn’t even been implemented yet. Or maybe it’s the consumer protection agency that Republicans have prevented from operating. Or… ? The bailout came from the Bush administration, which also got us into Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama’s agenda, such as it is, has mostly been dormant.

    She will be the true conservative candidate in South Carolina – Maybe. Depends on how you define “conservative,” and who that other candidate turns out to be.

  2. Submitted by Thomas Eckhardt on 12/08/2011 - 08:52 pm.

    Self delusion or cynical fund-raising ploy. Either way, it’s not very pretty.

  3. Submitted by Paul Landskroener on 12/09/2011 - 02:36 pm.

    The strategy in the video isn’t as delusional as most of the things she says. Do not underestimate her ability to organize the so-called teavangelists (cute name). She has leveraged that community before and is skilled at speaking their language and mobilizing their support behind the scenes.

    We will know in a couple of weeks, but I would not be at all surprised if she comes in first or second in Iowa, where the on-the-ground organization counts for so much, and if she wins there, South Carolina may be hers, too.

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