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I say potato, you say Obama has failed, I say go to heck, you say…

I say potato, you say Obama has failed, I say go to heck, you say…
by Eric Black

Not to be too much of a smarty, but I did predict with astonishing prescience in the previous post what would happen with the good jobs numbers in an election year.

Romney: “Of course it is good news fewer Americans are out of work, but thirty-five consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent is no cause for celebration. Under President Obama, we have lost 1.7 million jobs — America deserves better. Eventually our economy will recover, America always does. But President Obama’s policies have slowed the recovery and created misery for 24 million Americans who are unemployed, or stuck in part-time jobs when what they really want is full-time work. As President, I will refuse to accept high unemployment as the ‘new normal’ for our economy.”

Bill Burton, spokester for pro-Obama superpac: “During his time as a Wall Street executive, Mitt Romney made millions by laying off American workers and bankrupting companies. It’s no surprise that he lacks enthusiasm for positive employment reports that show job growth.  By rooting for the American economy to fail, Mitt Romney is standing with the most extreme elements of the Republican Party and against the American people.”