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More on Saul Alinsky, this time from Bill Moyers

A couple of weeks ago, after noticing that Newt Gingrich was working references to “radical” Saul Alinsky into his stump rhetoric in an effort to radicalize Pres. Obama by association, I wrote a piece about Alinsky. Of couse, I wasn’t the only one.

Now the estimable Bill Moyers, who’s back at PBS in case you hadn’t noticed, adds a nice little film and his own drawling narrative to the Alinsky revival. Moyers is tougher on Gingrich than I was, but he also manages to juxtapose some Gingrich rhetoric with some Alinsky rhetoric thereby raising the question of whether Gingrich might be the real Alinskyite in the race. Enjoy:

Bill Moyers Essay: Newt’s Obsession with Saul Alinsky from on Vimeo.

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