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Rick Santorum’s absurd claims

Santorum put out an email this morning to supporters with lots of hype.

Rick Santorum put out an email this morning to supporters, touting his new lead in the polls among Republicans nationally, and asking for contributions to help fight back against “tens of millions of dollars in negative, dishonest, personal attacks on my record and my character” that he says Team Romney will soon launch. (Actually, it’s already begun; see below.)

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Two things that jumped out at me from the Santorum letter were:

  1. The fairly absurd claim that Romney is the darling of the liberal media. After talking up Santorum’s his new poll numbers, he says: “We know this race has seesawed back and forth so we don’t expect for a moment that Romney and his allies in the liberal media are going to let us stay there.”
  2. The hype. Here’s the passage: “Every four years, people say, ‘This is the most important election of our lifetime.’ I think that’s true this year, but I’ll go even farther than that: this is the most important election in American history. President Obama’s vision for this country is to fundamentally change us from a free market, capitalist system to a Republic in the mold of the faded, decrepit Republics of Western Europe. We simply cannot allow four more years of this.”

Santorum isn’t wrong about the Romney attack machine turning its fire on him. This one is from the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future (with which Romney is prohibited by law from coordinating):

Santorum hasn’t done much attacking so far during the campaign, and I believe he has benefitted from being on the sideline while Romney and Newt Gingrich traded insults (although Romney certainly did most of the attacking in that chapter). But Santorum is now up with a familiar strategy of inoculating himself by portraying Romney (or, in this commercial, a snarling Romney look-alike actor shooting mud out of an assault rifle at a cardboard cutout of a smiling Santorum) as a mud-throwing destroyer of fellow Republicans. The Santorum ad does manage to slip in a reminder that Romneycare was the basis for Obamacare, quoting no less an authority than Rush Limbaugh: