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The Young Turks have some fun with the Voter Photo ID issue

And then there’s the issue of the dueling Dan McGraths

Minnesota Majority, an organization whose slogan is “Standing Together for Traditional Values,” supports the idea of requiring photo ID’s for voting and put a banner on its website supporting the idea. The drawing on the banner shows the kind of people that might be able to vote without such a law: A convict, an undocumented alien, a superhero, a ghost and zombie.

TakeAction Minnesota, which oppose the proposed voter ID constitutional amendment, held a press conference to denounce what it considers race-baiting represented by the banner. (Minnesota Majority responded by accusing TakeAction of “playing the race card.”

The “Young Turks,” a duo of satirist/commentators who have built a large audience online and now also appear on the cable channel “Current TV” (which, to make sure I push all the buttons, is affiliated with Al Gore), did a segment mocking what they considered racial stereotyping in the Minnesota Majority graphic, since the cartoon convict is a black man and the illegal immigrant is portrayed as man in mariachi costume and a sombrero.

The Young Turks (one of whom is actually a Turk or Turkey-born American but the other of whom is actually a young Armenian-American woman, which makes all the ethnic references in this post that much more stupefying and/or politically incorrect) mocked the flyer for a while, but also included the response of Minnesota Majority (which they also mocked).

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The Turks noted that elsewhere on the flyer, the Moral Majority depicted a proper voter with a photo on his driver’s license. And, the Young Turks note that this is a white fellow. But seem to be unaware that the white fellow is Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, the chief election official of our fair state. On the other hand, Minnesota Majority did not disclose that Sec. Ritchie opposes the voter ID amendment.

Anyway, here’s the video: