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Poll: Wisconsin Gov. Walker ahead, barely, in recall vote

A poll published yesterday by Marquette University Law School shows Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with a statistically insignificant 47-45 percent lead over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the likely recall election. Barrett leads several other Democrats in a possible Dem primary for the right to challenge Walker in the recall election, which is tentatively set for June 5.

The full results are here along with results showing Mitt Romney ahead of Rick Santorum by 39-31 in next Tuesday's Repub presidential primary.

Marquette's previous poll, in January, showed Walker running six points ahead of Barrett. Public Policy Polling has tested the recall three times, most recently showing Barrett ahead of Walker. All of the polls on the recall are listed here.

Said Charles Franklin, who oversaw the Marquette poll: “I don’t think you need the poll to know this is going to be a very close race.”

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Comments (8)

The anti-Walker crowd have a creative streak...

..and they are Star Wars fans, too.

Can MinnPost avoid the

Can MinnPost avoid the sloppiness of confusing a poll with a vote, in its headline and in the underlying non-news of this little article?

There's not a vote until there's a vote. So disappointing to see how carelessly some things are getting written here lately.

When I read the headline...

the first word I see is: Poll.

How is that confusing?


the whole sentence refers to a vote.
It's clear to me from the context, but taken literally it's incorrect.


Koch brother supporter?

Poll Means Little

Voters' intentions in this recall election would be very difficult to measure until the democrats' candidate has been selected. And I am not so certain the validity of a poll conducted by a law school cannot be questioned.


Polls generally have more face validity than predictive validity.


I can't believe we have three comments about the headline. Read the article. Headlines introduce stories, they don't summarize them. Don't skim headlines and blame someone else for your confusion and or ignorance.