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‘Fox Mole’ reveals Romney’s horsey talk with Hannity

A screen shot from a piece of video of Mitt Romney

A screen shot from a piece of video of Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity chatting pre-interview.

So, if we take this at face value (and it seems pretty legit), a young liberal took a job at Fox News some years ago because he needed a job, but planned to stay only until he could find something better. Years pass. He (or she) is still there, even though the environment “makes [him] cringe every morning when he looks in the mirror.”

Now he’s decided to flame out by working as a mole for Gawker, leaking dirt, presumably until he is discovered and gets fired. Gawker refers to him as “our newest hire,” so presumably he is getting paid by them and perhaps has a landing spot for the future.

The “Fox Mole’s” first Gawker post includes his explanation of what he’s up to and features a rehash of a post on a Fox blog that the mole said has become a home for racially tinged put-downs of President Obama (the example he cites goes pretty far down that path).

But the main deal (which also tends to corroborate that the mole really does work at Fox) is a piece of video of Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity chatting before they tape an interview for Hannity’s program.

Since it’s not supposed to become public, Romney lets his guard down and ends up chatting with Hannity about the horses he and his wife own and how desperately they miss riding them while they are stuck on the campaign trail.

Obviously, not dreaming that any of this will leak out, Hannity asks: “So, what kinda horse y’got?” Replies Romney: “She has Austrian Warmbloods. It’s a dressage horse. It’s the kind of horse for the sport that she’s in. Me, I have a Missouri Foxtrotter. So mine is like a quarterhorse, but just a much better gait.”

It seems that Romney just can’t help providing occasional gifts to those among his opponents who might have an interest in emphasizing his blue-blood lifestyle. I’m sure that by now he understands that he should make no further references to how many Cadillacs his wife owns and that he should stop saying things that – taken unfairly out of context – report that he “likes firing people” or that he is “not concerned about the very poor.” (Obama has recently been reminded of the importance of keeping his gaffe-filter on even when he – mistakenly -- thinks no one except the president of Russia can hear him.)

I don’t know how big of a problem Romney’s horsey talk will create for him. We’ll have to wait and see what some clever ad-maker can do with it. This stuff makes me kinda sad. A presidential candidate (and really, every celebrity or hotshot) must live in a world of such heavily scripted phoniness, with handlers feeding them lists of words that have been focus-group-tested to reinforce whatever phony impression their image-designers have decided is advantageous at the moment. And that turns us into a bunch of voyeurs – or dare I say Gawkers -- hoping to catch them in an off-script moment that their enemies can then distort and use against them.

We know by now that Mitt Romney is rich. He was born slightly rich and has become very rich. We know a fair bit about he got from slightly to very rich and we know what his effective tax rate was last year (13.9 percent on the only year for which he has so far released his returns, and one can’t help but assume that he paid even lower rates in some of the years that he is refusing to release).

None of this is helping him politically. So now we know that he owns horses of obscure and presumably expensive breeds, that he is a connoisseur of horsey gaits, and that the word “dressage” comes trippingly off his tongue with a proper semi-French pronunciation.

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Comments (10)

This is the best they got?

Only scandalous if you prefer your rich people to sit around talking about their Bentleys. People own horses and go riding. A lot of them who aren't especially rich. Better this than that NASCAR ownership business. He should just run on the fact that George Washington rode horses and so does he.

Paul ...

No, it's not the best "they" got.

But GOPers have gotten plenty of votes by persuading lower-income folks to vote for GOP candidates by portraying Democrats as "elites."

Maybe it's just that this time, Dems are stealing one or two pages from the GOP playbook on this particular tactic.

Good for them.

But you imply that there's nothing else that the Dems can use against Romney, and that's simply not true.

To figure out what other political ammunition might be available to the Dems, I recommend Googling the "anybody but Romney" phrase.

Oh, I don't need the Google

Oh, I don't need the Google to imagine a million fair ways to depict the Romnster as a tool of the .001 percent. I just was disappointed to see that we have a mole somewhere in Focks and he/she squandered one of his/her precious leaks telling us that Romney used the word dressage. Its elitist to attack his elitism. It presumes we want someone to be president that we can have a beer with. I want someone who rides horses to be president. Just not someone who rides horses and made his fortune from having carved up companies.

The horror

I can't believe he likes animals. It should be reserved solely for the proletariat.

Oh please

Most of my family own or have owned horses. Hennepin County has the second-highest number of horses per capita in the U.S. It's not a exclusively republican thing. I bet even a few democrats reading this own horses.

Platinum Spoons

Born with a platinum in his mouth, Mitt needs a reality check!

6 caddys in the yard - Romney's life has never been hard.

Mitt would rather talk about his horses than the poorest of the poor! While Mitt suffers for the lack of being able to ride his $200K horses while running for president, food shelves across America barley keep their heads above water trying to feed not only the poor but the Middle Class too.

When was the last time Mitt had to feed his family 'Pink Slime' because there was no money for filet mignon let alone a Easter ham? When was the last time Mitt had to turn to Sharing and Caring Hands or the Salvation Army for Christmas presents for his children?

Until Mitt & family spend a month living on skid row, he has ZERO credibility!!

That didn't last long

Joe Muto, who joined Fox News in 2004, says he has been suspended, with pay and was escorted out of Fox News headquarters today by “two nice gentlemen from security.”

A Simple Test

One quick way to tell if the 'Romney is too rich' jibe is effective. If you found out info, like a wealthy perspective on horses, in regard to John Kerry, would it have kept you from voting for him in '04? If so, then it is probably meaningful.

Question is

How much you and your family paid for your horses.
You own a house and Romney owns a house....

Unearned family wealth, Kennedys, John Kerry , etc.

Why is wealth now an issue?

John Edwards net worth $45 million. Hillary Clinton and Bill $85 million. Al Gore $100 million. John (married money twice) Kerry $240 million.