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Condi Rice for veep?

She was the surprise winner of a CNN Poll asking who Romney should pick.

Given the depth of Mitt Romney’s gender gap problems, Team Romney must surely be wondering whether a woman on the ticket would help. But whom?

CNN took a poll, offering a list of seven possible running mates and — among Republican respondents only — former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the most frequently named candidate to be Romney’s nominee. (The top four finishers went like this:  Rice, 26 percent; Rick Santorum, 21 percent; N.J. Gov Chris Christie, 14 percent; Florida Sen. Marco Rubio 14 percent.

Rice also had a staggering 80/12 favorable/unfavorable rating among the Republicans polled.

I have no idea whether she would do it if asked. All of her public statements have denied any interest in running for any office. And some argue (Dan Amira of New York Mag does here) that Romney should not pick anyone with such a strong George W. Bush connection.

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Still, it’s intriguing.