The bright future of our region

I moved to Minneapolis as a young adult in 1977 and immediately fell in love with the place. I’ve left twice for one-year sojourns in places where the elite meet and greet (Washington and Palo Alto), but was very happy to return when the terms of my exile expired. And I still feel good when I see the various raters of places give Minnesota high marks as a place to live.

Gallup is now attempting to tell us where we’ll want to live 20 years from now and sure enough, our region (which Gallup terms the — ugh — “West North Central”) wins again. 

It’s silly. I don’t really think even the esteemed Gallup organization can see 20 years into the future. But it tried, and if you click through you can study its methodology. Or you can just enjoy the “nut graph,” which goes like this:

“The West North Central region, which includes Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas, is the region poised for the brightest future. Workers in this area are most likely to be employed full time for an employer in the type of good jobs associated with high GDP. Residents have the highest economic confidence in the nation, setting the region up for a strong economic future. They are also the most likely to report easy access to clean, safe water, meaning that this region is best positioned to address one of the critical resource challenges of the future.”

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