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First ad of Minnesota Senate race is a lulu

It comes from a candidate I didn’t even know was running.

Neither U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar nor her likely Repub challenger Kurt Bills has aired the first campaign ad on an actual TV yet. (That Quick-Kurt-Bills-as-Fast-Talking-Paul-Wellstone deal is still online only.) But according to Blois Olson’s “Morning Take,” Republican primary candidate David Carlson aired two spots on Fox News in the western and southwestern suburbs during the “O’Reilly Factor” and the Sean Hannity show.

One is a simple introductory/biographical ad, emphasizing Carlson as a Marine vet. But the other one is a staggeringly awful guilt-by-association-fest attempting to associate Bills with a bunch of crazy retrograde and racist positions that the ad suggests have been taken by Ron Paul in the past. (I do not mean to confirm, without a whole lot of checking, that Ron Paul holds these positions or said the things attributed to him. Many of the positions are inferred from Paul’s devotion to the cause of states rights. But I am reasonably sure that Carlson has no evidence that Bills holds most of the views, no does he say that Bills does, other than that Bills is a “devoted supporter” of Paul.)

The positions that Carlson attributes to Paul/Bills include: no civil war to free the slaves, women and minorities don’t have the right to vote, schools aren’t integrated, “saving the Jews was none of our business,” Adolf Hitler was originally a positive influence, and Martin Luther King was a pedophile. Here’s the ad: