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Gallup: In general, Americans don’t trust the media; Repubs trust it even less

Trust hits a new low

From a just-out Gallup poll:

“In general, how much trust and confidence do you have in the mass media — such as newspapers, T.V. and radio — when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately, and fairly — a great deal, a fair amount, not very much, or none at all?”

Total national sample, portion saying

  • “A great deal” or “a fair amount”: 40. 
  • “Not very much/None at all:” 60

That’s a new record high for distrust in media, since Gallup started asking the question in 2001.

  • Among Democrats, portion saying “”a great deal” or “a fair amount:” 58
  • Among independents: 31
  • Among Republicans: 26