Are you an Optimist?

At some point, by means of which one knows not, one (me, actually) was added to the emailing list of a small alternative political party (of which one previously knew not) calling itself the National Optimist Party.

Although one sometimes struggles to maintain a properly optimistic air about all things about which one should maintain such an air, one (me, actually) likes these Optimists or at least Eve Darling who is the apparent leader and possibly the presidential candidate of said party. Most recent emails from the NOP has contained a video of Darling. The one that arrived today explained why the party had “demurred” from debating its rivals “unless and until the tenor of the discussion is elevated beyond that of a dog and pony show.” Here’s the video (it’s quite brief, if you are very busy):

If, by any chance, that leaves you wondering about Darling’s and the Optimists’ reaction to the previous debate (in which, one notes, Darling also did not participate) or you are desirous of a bit more of the meaning of Optimism, it’s here.

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  1. Submitted by Jon Kingstad on 10/17/2012 - 07:44 am.

    I don’t know if it makes me an optimist…

    if I agree with everything Eve Darling said. But I agree with everything Eve Darling said here. I don’t feel optimistic. Maybe that’s different from being an optimist.

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