Franklin Graham blames Christians for not voting

Evangelist Franklin Graham (son of Billy) told the Christian Broadcasting Network that Pres. Obama was re-elected because the majority of Christians didn’t vote.

 “We know that from of the statistics that I’ve heard that the majority of Christians in this country just did not vote for whatever reason. The vast majority of evangelicals did not go to the polls. God is in control, and if Christians are upset, they need to be upset at themselves. We need to do a better job of getting our people- the church to vote. Now, I’m not trying to tell you how to vote, you can vote, but vote, my goodness, and vote for candidates that stand for Biblical values.”

Graham didn’t exactly say that the vast majority of evangelicals not voting is the reason Pres. Obama was re-elected. Perhaps it’s implied, although one could just as easily infer from his statement that God is at fault, since God is “in charge.” Or perhaps God favored Obama? But that’s above my pay grade and way beyond my poor powers of reason.

On the other, if it matter at all, Graham seems to have his facts wrong. NBC has the breakdown. According to Pew Research Center, Evangelical Christians make up about 26 percent of eligible voters, and according to exit polls, they made up about 26 of the electorate last week. 

The two most surprising things to me are that a) Evangelicals don’t turn out in above-average numbers, since they are often portrayed as a highly motivated voting group and b) that Romney carried a larger share of the evangelical vote than McCain carried in 2008. What about all the talk of Protestant hostility to Mormons as something other than Christians.

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  1. Submitted by James Hamilton on 11/16/2012 - 01:58 pm.

    Anything better than

    admitting that they lost, I guess.

  2. Submitted by Tim Walker on 11/16/2012 - 02:00 pm.

    Franklin Graham: “I’ve heard that the majority of Christians in this country just did not vote for whatever reason.”

    Of course Eric, the ever-diligent journalist, went out and fact-checked Graham’s statement … and found it wanting.

    However, my BS detector pegged into the red zone immediately and I determined right off the bat that such a statement couldn’t possibly be true.

    Want to bet that if presented with the facts that Eric uncovered, Franklin Graham wouldn’t change his opinion one bit?

    Such is the fact-free mindset of the faithful…

  3. Submitted by Diane Nelson on 11/16/2012 - 02:32 pm.


    “God is in control, and if Christians are upset, they need to be upset at themselves.”

    This doesn’t make any sense. If God is in control, then Christians should be upset with Him!

    I’m surprised Graham didn’t include that Obama’s reelection, and the number of voting evangelicals, were God’s will, and a blessing!

    And perhaps evangelicals *did* get out the vote, and *did* vote for the guy who stands for their Biblical values – golden rule behavior, care for the poor and weakest among us, warning against greed and covetness, etc.

  4. Submitted by Neal Rovick on 11/16/2012 - 03:06 pm.

    “God is in control”Then what

    “God is in control”

    Then what is Graham whining about? And why did they prop Billy Graham up for a full page ad in all major paper a day or two ahead of the election?

    It really shows a lack of faith in “God is in control”, doesn’t it?

  5. Submitted by Solly Johnson on 11/16/2012 - 11:54 pm.


    It was God’s Will that Christians did not vote.

  6. Submitted by Jean Schiebel on 11/17/2012 - 12:42 pm.


    I am assuming he doesn’t count Catholics as Christians since their was a high majority voting and they voted for Obama..
    These right wing religious zealots need to start doing charitable work and get out of politics..

  7. Submitted by Jon Muhich on 11/18/2012 - 06:32 am.

    Non-believers as candidates?

    Will the time ever come when one’s religious affiliations take a back seat in the political theater? When will it not be a negative for a candidate to say publicly that he or she is agnostic or atheistic? And that when it comes to decision-making for the common good,one’s religious beliefs should remain in the back round as there is far too much diversity in this country for belief systems to dictate its rules to others who don’t follow the same faith? And where are these evil atheistic boogie-men I so often hear about? Probably lurking with supporters of gay marriage waiting to intentionally destroy the sanctity of traditional marriage or something as equally frightening.

  8. Submitted by Steve Hoffman on 11/18/2012 - 03:35 pm.

    Oh do we?

    “We know that from of the statistics that I’ve heard” — oh. WE know from undocumented “statistics” that YOU’VE “heard” …

    Well, two can play at that game. We also know from statistics I’VE heard that (1) Christians only vote when the election is on Sunday; (2) Moslems disguise themselves as Christians to take up the Tuesday-vote slack; (3) Jews, pretending to be Moslems, undertake a yearly pilgrimage to Mecca, and (4) Atheists paid off the lot of them to vote for Romney, only to see it backfire as they all ran off with the money to see the Fat Lady at the circus.

    Hey, I’ll stack my statistics up against Graham’s any day.

  9. Submitted by Phil Tevlin on 11/21/2012 - 03:28 pm.

    Graham & Christians

    The 9 states with the highest Catholic population (MA, RI, NJ, CT, NY, IL, NM, PA, CA) all voted for Obama by decisive margins. The Hispanics (overwhelmingly Christian, devout & Catholic) voted for Obama by decisive margins. The African-American (overwhelmingly Christian and devout) voted for Obama by decisive margins. The 13 states with the lowest Catholic population (TN, MS, SC, NC, AL, AR, OK, WV, UT, GA, AK, ID, KY) all voted for Romney by decisive margins (NC excepted). It appears that the Catholic Christians, Hispanic Christians, & African-American Christians didn’t listen to the Rev Graham Jr.

    As for Black Americans using the pulpit for political purposes: back in the days of Jim Crow, that was the ONLY platform they had in the South. The White Americans (in the south) had access to the governors, the legislators, the courts (both federal–appointed by FDR & Truman; it was the Ike appointed Republican judges that aided the civil rights people–and state, the police, the businessmen, the social clubs. The Rev Graham (to his utter discredit) never mentioned word one against the terrible institution of Jim Crow.

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