Minnesota sets a northern record for going blue 10 times in a row

With last week’s result, Minnesota has now given its electoral votes to the Democratic nominee for the 10th straight time. This is the longest blue streak in the nation.

Over at Smart Politics, Eric Ostermeier had some fun with this fact, noting that Minnesota is now the only state outside the old “Solid South” (back when the South was solid for whichever party hadn’t spawned Lincoln) to have ever gone for the Dems 10 times in a row.

There’s a little bit of a catch and couple of technicalities to our state’s blue streak.

Since every state in the union, other than Minnesota, went red for Ronald Reagan in 1984, no state could possibly have a longer blue streak than ours, so that’s one catch.

Our streak relies to some extent on the fact that our favorite son, Walter Mondale, was on the receiving end of that Reagan landslide, which something to do with the catch.

The District of Columbia has gone blue more times in a row than Minnesota has – in fact D.C. has given its three electoral votes to the Dems every single election since it was granted (by constitutional amendment) its three measly electoral votes in time for the 1964 election. But it’s not a state, don’tcha know,  so that’s a technicality on top of the catch underneath our blue state streak.

If you throw out the two 49-1 landslides (the other one was Nixon over McGovern in 1972 and Massachusetts was the one blue state that time), Hawaii should probably be considered the overall bluest state.

Hawaii, which gained statehood in time for the 1960 election, has gone blue in every presidential election except for the two Repub landslides. And if you look at gubernatorial, congressional and Senate election, Hawaii has been much more solidly blue than Minnesota has. Republicans have won more U.S. Senate elections in Minnesota since the end of the era of Humphrey-Mondale domination, and Mark Dayton’s election as governor in 2010 ended a five-term gubernatorial losing streak for the DFL.

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  1. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 11/15/2012 - 08:55 am.

    Blue was the only real choice.

    All the red offered was a guy who offered “elect me and then I will tell you what I’ll do” and platitudes from the rest of the red candidates. The voters made the right choice except in the Bachmann case. I must say Graves got close enough to Bachmann to scare her enough to keep her quiet at least for a few weeks. The reds were only against everything and offered no alternatives. You can’t have a war on women, tick off the Hispanics, offer only irrational fact-less ideas that would only serve the wealthy and expect to win. The real winners in the last election were the silent majority, who spoke loud and clear. It is amazing the Republican’s thought they were going to win. They are still trying to justify their losing positions. As with the Republican’s it is always someone else that has caused their problems, never their message or messenger. The Republican’s are totally out of touch.

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