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Not caring about your credibility must be very liberating

Every once in a while it’s nice to pass along a bit of a raw political press release to eyes that don’t normally see them.

The economic recovery continues at a frustratingly slow but steady place, as reflected by the latest jobs report. Here’s how the New York Times summarized it:

The report showed persistent but modest improvement in the American economy, and broad-based gains in just about every industry except the government.

The story was headlined: “Modest growth in jobs seen in final report before election”

Of course, the New York Times is a crazy liberal rag, desperate to cover up President Obama’s dismal performance. So let’s see how the Wall Street Journal described it:

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U.S. job growth accelerated in October while the unemployment rate ticked higher as more Americans sought work, offering signs of a steady but slow recovery.

Truth is, you have to have blinders on not to see the report for the slightly good news-slightly bad news that it is.

Now here’s the headline, subhead and first couple of paragraphs  on a press release I received this a.m. from the Republican National Congressional Committee:

Days Before Election, Higher Jobless Rate Reflects Minnesota’s Continued Suffering Under Obama-Walz Economy

With 23 Million Out of Work, It’s Time To End Democrats’ Stimulus Spending Spree And Focus On Growth

Washington — The national unemployment for the month of October was announced today at the unacceptably-high rate of 7.9 percent, confirming that four years of Democrats’ big-government expenditures are hindering job creation and strangling small businesses. Minnesota families cannot afford to be buried any longer under staggering debt or constrained under the out-of-touch Obama-Walz economic agenda.

“The price paid for four years of the Democrats’ failed policies is a sky-high unemployment rate and millions of Americans out of work,” said NRCC Communications director Paul Lindsay. “The only way to get this economy moving again is to end the Obama-Walz big-government spending spree that has led to the worst economic recovery in American history.”

Yup, in Minnesota, we all call it the Obama-Walz economy. Curiously, in other states the economy is named after President Obama and whichever incumbent Democratic congressman we view as most vulnerable.

Yes, I understand. They are the Republican National Congressional Committee. Their job is to elect Republicans and defeat Democrats in House races. They are not obligated to give even the slightest nod to fairness, balance or really to accuracy. They live in a universe in which facts that do not portray all Democrats as tax-and-spend-crazed Bolsheviks simply do not exist.

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But every once in a while it’s nice to pass along a bit of a raw political press release to eyes that don’t normally see them and to think for a second about the level of curiosity, skepticism and intellect one has to assume about the audience to think that such tripe might be persuasive.

If you’d like to read the full press release, it’s here, except this one is headlined “Days Before Election, Higher Jobless Rate Reflects Ohioans’ Continued Suffering Under Obama-Sutton Economy.” As the note on top of the link makes clear, 75 virtually identical press releases, changing only the name of Obama’s co-czar of the economy, were emailed out to 75 different congressional districts.