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A gun is no more a deadly weapon than a credit card, says N.H. legislator

When Republicans won a big majority in the New Hampshire Legislature in 2012, they used the opportunity to legalize the carrying of guns on the House floor.

Voters in November saw fit to put the Democrats back in charge, and, on the first day of the new session, the Dems voted to reinstate the old rule, banning guns from the House floor and the gallery.

“If we become a gun-free zone, we are telling every nut in this state that we are sitting ducks," said Repub Rep. John Burt, arguing against the ban.

Added Rep. Dan Dumaine: “A holstered gun is not a deadly weapon. . . . But anything can be used as a deadly weapon. A credit card can be used to cut somebody’s throat.”

Despite these compelling arguments, the House voted 196-153 to ban deadly weapons from the floor and in the gallery, reinstating the old rule that had been on the books for decades.

The Concord (N.H.) Monitor has the full story.

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Then Rep. Dan Dumaine ought to be satisfied with carrying a concealed loaded credit card.

Don't believe him?

I give you Steven Seagal!

Dangerous weapons

The answer is obvious. If credit cards are dangerous weapons we should find ways, consistent with the Second Amendment, to regulate them. For one thing, I am in favor of Congressional legislation requiring rounded edges on all credit cards issued or used in the United States.

You know, I think we are making progress here.

After decades of movies the

After decades of movies the depict "peaceful, ordinary" people wreaking justifiable vengence on wrong-doers, is it any suprise that a legislator draws on a half-remembered movie as a real bit of knowledge?

Implanted memories, indeed.

Walter Mitty? Ronald Reagan?

Fear arises from the need for control. The modern paranoia exists at the edge of what one cannot control.


I believe you meant 2010 in your first sentence.

Agression, self defense; two sides, of same coin?

It's just before dawn in mid-summer and we woke to the sound of guttural swearing under the bedroom window. Soon we hear the back door shaking...whomever flipped over our high fence; a stranger's face on the other side of the door. Spouse is trying to find the cell phone to call 911

Intruder's eyes looked strange through the old glass pane and he is pushing hard. He's on something and totally out of it I assume. I push back hard and do note the blue plastic wristband. I am angry as h...; road rage of sorts. Didn't know I was capable of it I pick up a long three-foot crow bar we used earlier the day before to pull up old boards on an old deck. Hit him in the knees I think and knee replacement seems like his future option.

I yell words out of a dim past Gotten Gotten Himme (spelling?)...only swear words I knew inherited from an occasional outburst by a rarely swearing father. The whole neighborhood probably heard it and the intruder jumped the porch; ran around like a jack rabbit trying to get out of our gated compound.

Cops arrived; caught him down the block...turned out to be a young alcoholic on drugs the wrong address. Hope he got help for his addiction; case closed...but,

Any object becomes a weapon and I still get a chill not of the intruder but at what point a passive, peace loving vegetable personality can turn violent...what if I had used the crowbar? Do we regulate them?

Who is capable of violence under what circumstances...justified, unjustified; or a psyho-madness thriving in an unbalanced world?. There are no simple answers but there is possibly, a basic change of attitude in this nation; the world; a climate of fear, hate; dog-eat-dog self rightousness ill conceived; stretched into sick aggression? That creates violence...explore that greater phenomena rather than the weapon?

All NH legislators

will now have to turn over their weapons and their credit cards to the Sargeant-at-Arms prior to entering the chamber...


Correction : "Gott in Himmel"...and all these years I thought father was swearing ..he was merely speaking biblical?


Literally "God in Heaven" -- idiomatically like 'Oh my God!'.
Not quite taking the name of God in vain, although some might see it that way.

Missing the point

Indeed, virtually anything can be used as a weapon.

That said, given the context, one can't help but wonder how many children and teachers the Newtown shooter would have managed to kill by using a credit card. If the number were even one, it would still be tragic, and equally gruesome, but the New Hampshire legislator and the NRA miss the point. The wide availability and ease-of-purchase of handguns and semi-automatic weapons that either are slightly altered military weapons, or mimic such weapons as closely as possible, are a huge part of an ongoing national disgrace.

The legislator in question is engaging in sophistry. That way, some awkward questions can be avoided.

"The good Lord willing".....

Rep. Burt and his fellow 'off-the-wall' Congresswoman from Mn. will not be in those positions after the 2014 election.

As an aside

349 members voted in the New Hampshire house? A state one ninth the size with one fourth the population of Minnesota? I guess there won't be too many quotes of the bloated Minnesota legislature for a few days.

Something about

being slain by the jawbone of an ass....