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Hillary Clinton: ‘I don’t see myself getting back into politics’

It’s no Sherman statement, but how do we know when to take it seriously?

We’ve seen this dance before and I don’t have any good advice about what to believe. The handicappers say that if Hillary Clinton decides to seek the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, she would be more than a frontrunner, almost a prohibitive favorite. Yeah, sure. And we’ve seen the presumptive frontrunner in other cycles claiming ambivalence or disinterest, perhaps because it is so unappealing to watch someone run for four whole years.

Anyway, former first lady-senator-2008 frontrunning presidential candidate-Secretary of State Hillary gave an interview to National Public Radio, which will be aired Thursday, in which (according to Taegan Goddard) she said:

“I don’t see myself getting back into politics. I want to be involved in philanthropy, advocacy, working on issues — like women and girls — that I care deeply about. I want to write and speak. I want to work with my husband and my daughter on our mutual foundation interests. So I’m going to have my hands full.”

“I don’t see myself” is a fair piece short of Gen. Sherman’s “If nominated I will not run,” but, as of Thursday, it will be the latest word on the topic.