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NRA video: Obama thinks his kids deserve protection, not yours

In a video on its website, the National Rifle Association accuses President Obama of hypocrisy and elitism because he is skeptical of the NRA's proposal to put armed guards in every school. After all, Obama's kids have armed guards wherever they go.

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Armed enclaves

The fact these politicians and media figures in Washington who send their kids to what my NRA friends describe as schools which are in effect armed enclaves is in no way relevant to the rest of us, who do not have the means to arrange round the clock protection for our children.

The washington post has a

The washington post has a fact-check out on this, and the school says that their guards do not carry weapons. So other than being factually wrong. As to secret service protection-- tell you what, when you take a job where 14% of your predecessors have been shot (4 of the 6 fatally), you can make a case for round-the-clock protection for your family.

Armed Protection

Yes, the President and his family receive armed protection. Every First Family since Wilson has been protected by the Secret Service. So what?

It isn't really about having the means, it's having the need.The President is a high-profile figure, and a continued target for assassination (Nine percent of all Presidents have been killed in office). This President in particular would be in danger. Look at the incendiary rhetoric thrown about and defended by major media outlets. Does anyone think his children would be safe if the vigilence were dropped for a minute?

Not safe

For a second

The White House

… has called this ad "cowardly."

That seems an accurate description. I would be less polite.


a reference to fowl excrement would be more in order.

Cold, dead hands?

It's almost as if there's a mole inside the NRA's marketing department, creating campaigns designed to work agains the organizatio, and by association, the extreme right.

Sure, it probably helps incite the crazies to come out of the woodwork, but the scrambling of the neo-conservative machine in response will surely provide a source of entertainment.

And hopefully this will only embolden the resolve of those working on policy and law and all efforts to address the gun-related issues we have in our society.

You'd think it was not possible, but ...

... the NRA has sunk to a new low.

What a bunch of fowl excrement.

What I see is a progressively

What I see is a progressively less thinly veiled incitation to insurrection against an "out of touch elite" who are defended by semi-criminal federal police.

"Stand and fight?"

Ballot boxes are not been a satisfactory remedy for these people.

Another example

This is another example of people out on the fringe who are firmly convinced that there is a (silent) majority who really agree with them, but that there is a media conspiracy to hide it.
We saw this in the last election.

The real hypocrisy

Is that the right continues to darkly hint at conspiracies to kill President Obama then attack him for the necessary secret service protection. Not to mention how cowardly it is to involve children.