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Ashley Judd will not run

In case you missed it and in case you care, actress Ashley Judd tweeted last night tweeted her followers that she will not seek the Democratic nomination to run for the Senate next year in Kentucky against U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. Read the tweet:

After serious and thorough contemplation, I realize that my responsibilities & energy at this time need to be focused on my family.

Yeah right.

There was never any great reason to believe she could've beaten McConnell (Mitt Romney carried Kentucky by 22 points; Judd hadn't lived in Kentucky for decades) and on some level it's pitiful to think that the mere willingness of a figure from the entertainment industry to make the race would have made it a big deal. Anyway, big deal canceled.

McConnell does have dismal personal approval ratings. But, as Politico reports, he is preparing a "scorched earth" campaign to stay in office. Politico writeth:

The top Senate Republican is preparing to wage a ruthless campaign to hang on to his job. He’s already on the air with nearly $200,000 in TV and radio ads, is assembling streams of data to target voters with tailor-made messages, and has quietly moved to lock down support from virtually every state GOP legislator. He says he’ll use "every penny" of a war chest certain to exceed the $21 million he spent in 2008.

Given the number of incumbent Democratic senators who have been announcing they will retire in 2014 rather than a seek another term, Republicans have got to be twitching of turning McConnell back into majority leader for the last two years of the Obama presidency.

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Given that she was within a

Given that she was within a few percent of McConnell, imagine what a qualified, unsullied, recently local candidate would have.

.....Among all voters, 34 percent said they will vote against him, versus 17 percent who say they will vote for him. Forty-four percent are waiting to see who runs against him.....

No higher office for Judd

Well, at least in Olympus Has Fallen, she gets to be First Lady!


(for a little while--Just as well that she didn't have to endure the rest of it)

You don't need a spoiler alert ...

... for a movie that no one is going to watch!


…to Neal Rovick's first sentence, and to Eric's jaundiced view of "celebrity as potential candidate." Celebrity shouldn't automatically rule someone out as a candidate, but it should also not automatically make someone a figure to be taken seriously in a political context.

Celebrity as qualifier

Celebrity seems to have served Ronald Reagan well, and also Sen. Al Franken. I would have to say celebrity should not DISQUALIFY anybody from seeking political office.