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Dow at a new all-time high: What additional incentives do job creators need?

Business is booming but unemployment is still high.

The Dow reaching a new all-time high at the end of the day Tuesday.
REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Please forgive me if this is too Bolshie a question, but with the Dow reaching a new all-time high today, with the NYTimes today summarizing the incredible state and federal tax breaks that enable corporations to build their projects with tax-free bonds, with many corporations enjoying record profits, with CEO pay up 727 percent since 1978 (compared with 6 percent for average workers), with the top 1 precent of households owning 34.5 percent of all household wealth and the bottom 50 percent of households holding 1.1 percent, what additional incentives are needed to get the job creators properly motivated to do their small bit to get the unemployment rate down from its current 7.9 percent to something a little closer to the 3.9 percent it was in December of 2000, just before, well, you know…?