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Tea Party Express on gun bill defeat: Constitution - 1, Obama - 0

This isn't the fourth part of my Second Amendment series and I'll try to shut up about it soon. But I had to pass along the Tea Party Express victory statement over the defeat of the Manchin-Toomey amendment, which would have modestly expanded the reach of the existing background check regime for gun purchases.

The victory statement was headlined "Constitution - 1; Obama - 0."

Those who voted against Manchin-Toomey "wisely defended a core principle of our Constitution." the TPExpress said.

Just to cross-examine the statement for a minute: Federal law already requires background checks for the purchase of guns from federally licensed gun dealers. But those who buy guns at gun shows or on the internet can escape the background check. Manchin-Toomey would have partially closed those loopholes (although it would still have been possible to buy guns without background checks).

The Tea Party Express apparently believes that expanding background checks would violate a core principle of the Constitution. Presumably, TPE believes that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of Americans to buy guns on the internet without a background check. But if that's true, could it possibly be the case that the Second Amendment (which, of course, makes no reference to background checks nor to the internet) permits mandatory background checks for gun purchases at gun stores but bans them for purchases over the internet?

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They lied

There is no polite way to say this: as Obama stated: "they lied" about this bill. Congress has been in disgrace for for years now, but this time the cloak of respectibility has been torn away, and the power of the lobbyists revealed. The question now is, will this (finally) have some impact on the voters the next election?

Could it possibly be the case?

I think not.

The debate and rancor will continue.

As I've said before

this is ultimately a statement about American voters, who overwhelmingly favor gun control, but somehow don't control enough votes in Congress to put their wishes into effect.
One might say that the gun addicts are exercising a tyranny of the minority.

Go for it Senator AL

I hope Senator Franken starts now to campaign for a much stronger gun control bill. Hopefully he will advocate and campaign on eliminating “assault weapons” and many other weapons.

Paul, it would be great for Mr. Franken to embrace your position on gun control and campaign around the State on that position.

Hopefully he will have the courage to continue the assault on freedom and run for reelection on that position. It will be a great day for the GOP.

We'll see

He's been right about what most people want so far.

You have it wrong!

Let the murders continue (1), let sanity prevail (0) ,

Peering into the abyss

Speculating about what could make some outfit calling itself the "Tea Party Express" gloat over its victory in defeating background checks to purchase guns is to peer into an abyss. A very dark and frightful abyss. These people remind me of Goya etchings.

NRA = $

It is usually glossed over that the gun lobby, ie. NRA is a front and mouthpiece for the very powerful gun and ammunition industry. They have cleverly framed their end goal (of Increased sales and profit) in terms of "freedom" and the constitution so that clueless people like the Tea Partiers will carry out their propaganda for them. This is another case study in how monied interests have taken over the running of this country.